1st Day Test 11 min

Reading Preposition 7 min

Pronunciation 6 min


Google Test




Use after midterm, or as an exit test, it will confirm the accuracy of the Placement Test

I suggest using the paper answer sheet, then students can enter their answers on their phone.

All tests are available as Google Tests.  Contact me and I can share them with you.

If you have the time and interest, this test will show their preposition problems

Helpful Videos

The tests are available on PowerPoint, with the audio embedded, so that you can give the test, and quickly show the answers in class.

     The tests can be used as:

          •   A pre-test, to ensure students cover the unit beforehand.

          •   Homework or Self-study

          •   Part of the midterm and final.  Units 1,2,3 on the midterm, 4,5,6 on the final.

I made the Unit Test to appeal to mainstream teachers. However, I have never used them. I want students to spend their homework time writing what they will say, rather than passively listening.